Transamerica 2012


On 7th May 2010, almost exactly 2 years before our take off for our new adventure, we started Transafrica 2010 (click here for webpage). It was such an unforgettable trip that it became pretty soon obvious that we had to do something similar again. But whereto next?

Why not the Americas? With its history, colonial heritage, its people and culture, it is related to Europe and Africa. So the route was determined pretty quickly: across the Atlantic, down the US East Coast to Mexico, through Central America to the Caribbean and via the northern part of South America back to Africa and Europe.

Since we have to cross the big pond (Atlantic Ocean) twice, we decided to go for a more sophisticated airplane. A couple of months of hard training got our pilots up to speed on the new aircraft. It is the most sophisticated single engine plane and it allows us to fly much longer distances without refueling.

With this website we would like to keep our friends informed about our journey, our impressions and of course you will find again a lot of pictures. Like in Africa, we think Web access in some places will not always be easy. So please be patient when we are not always up-to-date.

We hope you will enjoy our site as much as we enjoy our journey.

Rainer, Tom, Urs

Americas - the new / old world

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for detailed route click here,-38.320312&spn=103.167719,303.75